About us

The two founders of Recording Studios are both very passionate about music. The Original Colette Carr is a full-on live music and festival junkie. As far as playing it goes through, she is still a Padawan practising her paradiddles. Please do not confuse her with the rap/pop star with the same name, who is simply a bad imitation ‘name-doppelganger’.

The other – Gary Leicher aka GazZ is a talented musician, who has been in many bands over the years (Seed, Morphattack, Odball & N8ive).

Being so passionate about music and South African bands the two music lovers felt that it would be a good idea to start a website that revolves around South African music and the many talented musicians who contribute to it.

Free Tee-Shirt Stan joined the Recording Studios team in 2014, although he has been friends with The Original CC since he was a know-it-all teenager. 😉 This man is also a big live music fan and is sometimes mistaken for a session drummer. Our Man Stan is the team’s Social Media buff and over-all Comedy Relief Guy. His deadpan humour generally getting us crying with laughter when filming album reviews.

In our Interview Booth section we focus on musician’s time spent in recording studios and the experiences that are had during the recording process. We have set out to interview South Africa’s talented artists along with the studio producers and engineers to bring you their experiences.

Having a live-music-junkie on our team, means that any good gigs happening around town – you’re sure to find us there. That’s us, in the pit, cameras glued to our hips and eyes & ears glued to the band front stage. If you want to see who has been wowing us live on stage and at your local pubs and venues, then checkout our Front Satge section to experience it first hand. We’ll give you the intel of who to look out for.

The Recording Studios website is also a space where studios in South Africa can have a presence and let their market know more about them and what services they provide. Whether it is recording band demo’s, full albums, radio jingles or voice overs you will find the recording studio you need here at Recording Studios.

If you own a recording studio and would like to be part of this new concept please do not hesitate to contact Recording Studios.

If you are an artist or are in a band and would like to hook up with us and set up an interview around your recording project please feel free to get in contact with Recording Studios.

All professional photography used on our site is from the talented Joanne Olivier, Tickybox Media.
For more info visit her blog or stalk her on Facebook.