Last month saw the official release of RYKI’s self-titled debut EP. She drew inspiration for the EP from the feelings she was experiencing at the moments in studio or from what the music made her feel. We caught up wit her to find out more.

Where did you record the album?

My EP was recorded in several studios and locations namely Durban, JHB and Cape Town.

Why did you choose those different recording studios?

I love working in organic ways. Big studios are great but real art and emotion comes from small studios at home or in a corner of a room.

Who produced the album?

My Producers were David Balshaw, Bubele Booi, Kyle Watson, Sketchy Bongo and Deemo. It was self made studios with the right equipment or it was Universals actual studio.

The album was two years in the making. Why so long?

I wouldn’t say it took me two years. I’ve just been signed for about that long. Universal told me just to go and make music and teamed me up with the right producers. I wasn’t working towards releasing an EP but rather just to find my sound and create something. If I had to release all the music I’ve made so far it would sound like two years, but we just wanted to give the audience a little taste of who I am so far as an artist. This is only the beginning and there is so much more that lies ahead!

How are you feeling about it (your baby) being out there in the world at last?

It’s scary to give people a project to listen to that I just made out of the heart without overthinking it. I didn’t expect any reaction or for it to make waves. I am happy with three people digging it, but I’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback so I am more than happy so far.

Your radio single ‘Please Try’ featured Aewon Wolf. Tell us a little about that colab, and what the song is about

I was in studio with Sketchy Bongo for the first time and he randomly sent me into the booth to improvise on a beat and I came up with most of the song and we kept it that way. Afterwards Aewon dug it and did a bar and we loved it.

We are quite interested by your name – do you practice Reiki?

No I haven’t but I’ve heard of it! My name is Maryke and my artist name comes from my family nickname Rykie

If you could choose to record at any one major studio in the world where would it be and why?

A studio that’s super intact with lighting with fairy lights and dimmers etc. Light in a studio is so important. It creates a vibe and even makes you focus and sing with more emotion.

Are you active on social media?

I am when I have something to say, but I don’t like scrolling and comparing myself to others and wasting time on social media. It’s a trap and you need to use it very carefully. It is important in my industry but if you’re honest and true to yourself and you make good respectable music, you will automatically get more followers without breaking your head and getting obsessed about it.

If fans want to see what you are up to where can they find out information?

Mostly on Instagram @rykimusic.

Interview by The Original CC
Photos by Waldo Pretorius