The Lectric Monks recently release their EP titled The Six. In development by the band over the course of the last two years, they meticulously thought through all the pre-production work until they believed that the essence of the music was captured. We caught up with Gary Peacock to get more intel.

Welcome to the Recording Studios Interview Booth and congrats on the release of your debut EP

Thank you for having us!

The title of the EP, “The Six” has many meanings behind it. Was it something that came about during the recording process or was it already a name that already existed before recording begun?

It was a natural a concept, initially we were considering “Without the ‘E'”, but concept of the six, came about after the recording when we were busy designing the EP cover. Each song stands out on its own, so does each member. There are so many reasons why this name is fitting, at least “Six” come to mind.

Each song on the EP has its own unique sound which translates into a rocking, funk-filled album that mixes many different rock genres. Was there a conscious decision for a certain song to be a certain sound or did the song’s themselves just evolve into what we hear?

The one core principle when the Monks write a song. 1. Is it Gruuvy? If so, then let’s jam it. Genre is not important across the universe, but belief and the ‘Gruuv’. All the songs were written based on the inspiration at that moment in time.

Each song stands out on its own, so does each member. There are so many reasons why this name is fitting

With six Monks contributing to the sound that is “The Six”, how does the song writing process work and where does the band find the inspiration for such an eclectic mix?

The Monks channel any and all inspiration simultaneously. We believe each Monk brings their own unique character to the sound and under lying groove. Gary Peacock and Francois vd Merwe have written most of the songs based on what they were listening to at the time and with the ‘Gruuv’ in the mix, it’s pure #lectriclove

This EP was in development for two years before it’s release, how much did plans for the EP change over that time period?

Quite a bit actually, over the last two years we have welcomed the amazing talents of Cynthia vd Mescht, Dylan Du Toit and Duncan Potgieter to the Lectric Order, and over the last year have taken our song writing process to a new level. We are just excited to be able to share it with everyone.

How did the band choose the six songs that would be on the EP and are there any hidden gems that will be on the next album (no pressure 😉 )?

The EP was a collection of honouring the old and introducing the new. We have already started to write more interdimensional galactic gruuvs, be prepared for a deeper delve into the Lectric journey very soon!

The EP has been out for just over a month, how have you found it to be received by your fans and by those hearing The Lectric Monks for the first time?

The reception has been incredible with our launch being one for the books! We are incredibly honoured and humbled and will endeavour to continue bringing the Bang!

We are incredibly honoured and humbled and will endeavour to continue bringing the Bang!

I have to put my hand up and say I haven’t as yet seen the band perform live (for shame Free T-Shirt Stan), what can audiences expect from your live performance?

Expect a 4D show, full of theatrics and splendour. The Monks believe that music is experienced in the front line and we make sure you will boogie till the sun comes up.

What plans do you have for touring the EP and where can fans follow the galactic escapades of The Lectric Monks?

The Monks will be heading north to Bela Bela for the Bushrock Festival on the 18th May and then off to Mozambique for STRAB 2018 24th May and to JHB on the 9th June for Fête de la Musique in Newtown. Be sure to catch us in the front line!

Interview by Free T-Shirt Stan
Photos by Adriaan Cruywagen