A night with friends – FVKENVRIENDE

Don’t let the tile of this article fool you, this was no chilled evening at a braai, or sitting around a campfire telling stories. Though stories were indeed told, but in hard hitting rock n roll format…and the evening did heat up for sure!

A fantastic evening at Time Square In Menlyn this was, getting to sing along to all our treasured Fokofpolisiekar, Van Coke Kartel and Francois van Coke numbers and witness the synergy and clear friendships and bonds between the various musicians.

This was more than a rock show though. With much moving on and off stage, swapping of guitars and plectrums between the guitarists, different drummers appearing behind the drum kit as the smoke cleared – this was more a theatre production. Francois himself such a great showman, bringing to mind a TV evangelist as he raised his arms, making this crowd his.

Die Gevaar were dressed to impress with jackets sporting their name emblazed across the back in white, while Frannie’s had his name in gold – really styling! I want one of these – they’re super cool! Where do I get one?

Old hands at playing together in assorted formats, the guys from Fokof, Van Coke and Die Heuwels all joined on stage at various intervals to perform their songs.

Fabulous seeing Coenie de Villiers playing piano and performing a duet of Johannes Kerkorrel’s Hillbrow, the entire crowd (young and old) singing too, while their cellphone lights held vigil as makeshift lighters. Never mind the actual neighbourhood, it was the song Hillbrow had their hearts.

Karen Zoid appearing for her unique taken on Tot di Son Uitkom, and then of course (I called it, saying she would be back on to end with it) this crowd could not go home without hearing the beautiful Toe Vind ek Jou.

Always a treat seeing Arno Carstens and his sexy camp-esqu dance moves. Performing the duet Ek weet Nie as well as Blue Eyes, my favourite (and I am sure many other’s favourite too) Nudie song. When Hunter Kennedy came back on stage for the second time, beer in hand, he was doing very similar dance moves of his own. I think he and Arno must have been practising their hip thrust moves over beers in the back, because he had it down pat. 😉

Majozi was also on the bill, and they performed a cover of The BeatlesWith a Little Help from My Friends which was really fantastic.

Early B ensuring that Francois wasn’t the shortest performer on stage this time. Dynamite in a small package this one – spitting out his very cool lyrics with that distinct PE accent for Altyd Lief vir Jou. Then they turned up the tempo with a cover of Beastie Boys’ Fight for your Right (editing the lyrics a tad to make it Belville-style bra).

Straight after that more partying was afoot with Jack Parow joining in the mix. Great synergy between these two that is always terrific to watch. About 6 years ago we first saw them Hard Partytjie Hou on Hatfield Square, and it is still just as exciting to be part of it now.

As we have come to expect from an AMP Events production, this show was of the highest quality and the lighting and graphics for the evening were just superb, adding to the already electric atmosphere. Kudos to the team who were in charge of this part of the show. Truly exceptional.

The only downfall of the evening were the usual losers who felt the need to record sections of the show on their phones, and thus blocking the people behind them from seeing anything. We really do need people to lose their self-obsession and vanity and to start living in the moment again. Perhaps disallowing phone usage like they do in festivals in some other countries now.

All in all, a great night of musical theatre.

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Review by The Original CC