Here Comes The Summer Rain – Texas live in Joburg

After a morning of sunshine, we arrived at Monte Casino as the clouds were coming in and a few drops of rain began to spatter. Emily Capel was on stage and what a fantastic welcome it was. With her 60s-style beehive and full band in striped matching shirts they were a groovy site to behold.  Add to that their fun and catchy tunes and her onstage banter and it was a winning combination. She sang a song about people who wear band shirts when they don’t know who the band is (a pet peeve close to our heart), as well as those that wear Man U shirts who don’t live in Manchester – there were a few of these out and about at Monte on the day that she had spotted. 😉
Such a cool band, we are definitely now fans. Sadly, the rain began in earnest then and the band had to cut their set short and vacate the stage.

The sun came out again and Monark were up next, delivering their brand of pop to this cheery crowd.

The crowd was excited to be seeing Henry Ate again after so long. The anticipation in the air was palpable. It was so splendid hearing Karma’s angelic voice and also a treat to see Albert Frost on guitar too. It was a journey into nostalgia. People grinning as they sang along to much loved hits and especially so to Just. Oh the memories!

Barney Simon came on as impromptu weather girl – announcing that hail was predicted, and that Texas’ set would be delayed until it was safe. Rain, hail, thunder, lightning and electrical equipment just don’t go together. Shortly after that the rain came down in earnest, people scattered like ants in all directions, seeking cover.

After the downpour (and yes – hail) the band commenced. It was so great to hear that beautiful Scottish brogue as Sharleen Spiteri began her banter with the crowd. Laughing at how we Saffas ran from the rain, and that it was clear we have never been to Glastonbury 😉

The rain actually improved the day! People’s spirits were so high when the sun came out, they were like little kids. Seeing them soaking wet and singing their hearts out with smiles on faces while a rainbow peeked out from in between the clouds was truly a magical moment. The band splashed about, kicking up water that had settled onto the stage. Everyone was in a playful mood.

The irony of the rain starting up again as Here Comes the Summer Sun began was not lost on us. But at this stage this crowd didn’t give a hoot. They danced happily in the rain – their inner-child selves let out to play in full swing!

Watch this crowd loving every minute….come rain or shine


After an encore was called from the crowd the band came on to perform an Elvis cover which was fantastic! With her hair wet and a slick black fringe falling over her face Sharleen looked very Elvis-esqu as they thundered out a rocking rendition of Suspicious Minds. Just mind-blowing!

What an enchanting day! We hope they come back to visit us again soon.

Wet and dry footage

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