Mieliepop 2017 – better than sliced bread…or popcorn

This year we once again took the trip with our star reporter Mbila. Many of the bands and DJs had such fanboy moments upon seeing her, that they insisted on getting their picture taken with this celeb. 😉 Checkout all the peeps she hung out with and the adventures of #MbilaDoesMieliepop (pics on our Facebook page).

Mbila’s pre fest video


Oh Mieliepop jou lekker ding!

Just the road en route to this festival brings a smile to one’s face. A little slice of the beauty of South Africa this – fields awash with mielies and cosmos, golds, greens, pinks, purples…. really a sight to behold.

Mieliepop is a festival that once you’ve been, you begin to look forward to the next one a few weeks after you have left. The perfect long weekend holiday – offering sunshine, green grass, big shady trees, a river, delicious healthy food, and of course beer, Jägermeister and kickass live local music. This year, added to that mix was some great comedy that happened daily on the barge.

Tower issues in the general Lothair area meant that there was limited-to-no phone signal the entire weekend. For those of us that were working it caused a hiccup here and there, but overall it was fantastic! Great to see people living in the moment, paying attention to the bands and each other. Heads up – not bent over staring at a wee screen. I think the towers should be knocked down with a little dynamite for every future Mieliepop – as it made for a great vibe at the festival. ;p

There is so much happening in a day at Mieliepop that you may feel the need to dash about from stage-to-barge-to stage – but at the same time the relaxing atmosphere just pulls you in and you find yourself with a hankering to park the derrière down under one of the many shady trees, kick off your shoes to feel the soft green grass under your feet and just relax for the day in front of one of the stages – letting the bands come to you.

We found ourselves doing a mixture of both, and were lucky enough to witness some of our much loved and favourite bands, along with discovering some new ones too. Highlights were definitely the Hellcats joining the The Ts & Cs for their set, to give us a live rendition of their recent colab So Low. Some kickass rock n roll on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

The Barbosa Experience were the perfect start for Sunday. With people in a chilled mood and usually late to get down to the stages, it was quite a large crowd gathered already there to meet us when we arrived. Of course their blend of Afro Latin grooves and sing-alongs had the crowd up and dancing in no time. There were some real great dancers to be seen in the crowd, that at times we had our eyes glued to them rather than the band (sorry boys).

Fuzigish had the crowd bouncing and filled with merriment as always. All that skanking very nearly destroyed the white picket fence. One brave security guard took it upon himself to hold up said fence with one leg. Dangerous to be fair – but he managed to come out unscathed.

The Tazers played on Monday night. We had chatted to them earlier in the day while they were looking to find a safe, cold storage spot for their bottle of Hellfire. What nice guys they are, as we discovered during their set that the bottle was brought along especially for the jubilant crowd, and was happily handed along from fan to fan… nice touch guys! They didn’t need Hellfire though to heat up their set – they were on fire already!

And then of course Boargazm – who played for their first time at this festival. Even though we have seen these guys so many times, they never fail to impress with their freshness and vitality, hard hitting metal that gets the crowd riled and moshy – and of course the banter. We reckon the banter is as much a part of their show as their music is. And they had newbie supporters loving them within minutes.

The only thing we did miss this year was not having the old skool / rock DJs to dance the night away to in the silliest of fashion every night like we did in previous years. But I guess this was a good incentive to get to bed early and be fresh for packing up the next day.

Mieliepop 2017 – better than sliced bread…or popcorn

All in all an amazing weekend as always – so proud of all the talent our country has to offer!

Fabulous job Mieliepop – thanks for hosting yet another fantastic festival.

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