My house your house – Parklife 2018

Parklife has always been a wonderful day out for people of all ages and today was no different. Despite a morning that started off cool and drizzly the day turned into a long, full one filled with sunshine and fantastic music. With a host of local talent covering a range of genres, there was definitely something for everyone.

The highlight of the local talent for us was Alice Phoebe Lou. Incredible to see such power coming from this tiny waif-like girl, and we loved the outfit of the saxophonist in the band.

Angus and Julia Stone

Prepared for Australian loveliness we were, but we were still blown away by this stellar performance. Their tightly knit chemistry as they delivered their brand of delightful folksy harmonies with two very unique vocals captured this crowd from the start. The brother-sister duo switched it up constantly as they changed between guitars, tambourine, trumpet and harmonica, all the while mesmerising us with their hauntingly beautiful voices.

A very memorable and special moment was when they were about to play one love song, but then Julia announced that they would be changing the setlist to instead play a different one, as in the front row some fans were holding up a sign for that specific song – that is top notch!
Big Jet Plane had us choked up as they had the whole crowd singing along. So many happy smiling humans all around us.
As the sun was setting, a ghostly quiet filled the grounds, with only the echo of this full crowd chanting ‘My house your house’ it was a cathartic moment that felt meditative and truly remarkable.

I truly exquisite and special performance.