Oh what a Night – SAMMAs 2017

This past Saturday saw the annual South African Metal Music Awards took place at Rumours Rock City. The event has certainly upped the ante from previous years, what with the combination of the new Rumours being such a cool, classy venue and the dress-code for the event being ‘Smart / Formal’. The decor and tables were also decorated in theme, as a classy formal event should indeed be.

We revelled in the sight of so many metalheads who had broken out of their comfort zone standard uniform of ‘four-day-old black jeans and Zamalek-stained band tee’, hell…they had even brushed their hair. 😉 We actually didn’t recognise some of our mates as they all looked so darned dapper!

SAMMAs organisers this was really a splendid, fun idea. The event carried such a great energy – buzzing with excitement and panache! It also felt more grown-up and serious and truly respectful of what it stood for – formal recognition for all the amazing talent we have in this country.

If it’s too loud, you’re too old

To remind us that this wasn’t all just about pretty looks – some kickass bands slammed metal in our faces and had the crowd headbanging with vigour – thanks to Deadline, Maximum Carnage, Bleeding Spawn and Adorned in Ash (whose front lady’s dress I want to steal) for getting our pulses racing and recapping what this event was truly all about.

In our books all the nominees are winners, and we give them all a gold star for competing! But as voted by the judges (who had a tough bloody job!) – the official winners for the night were …

South African Metal Music Awards 2017

Best Progressive Metal Band
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Best Alternative Metal Band

Best Core Metal Band
Zombies Ate My Girlfriend

Best Death Metal Band
Bleeding Spawn

Best Thrash Metal Band

Best Live Act

It was great to Cicero (the man who is usually shy and quiet and out of the limelight in this band) out in the front accepting the award on behalf of his fellow piggies. I mean the man is a bassist plus wears a mask – most people probably never even knew he existed ;p

Best Newcomer

Best Metal Event
Krank’d Up 2016

Best Album
Deity’s Muse – Convergence

Best EP 2016
Riddlebreak – Collapsar
Checkout our Pre-SAMMA interview with the band

Best Single
Raptorbaby – The Group

Best Music Video
Last One Alive – Kiss The Ground

Best Black Metal
Theatre Runs Red

most influential band of 2016

All the winning bands then had a chance to vote for the Most Influential Band of 2016 – the award went to those young guns Riddlebreak, who won a cool Jack Daniels prize. We could hear them yelling ‘Jack Daniels’ as they all ran to the stage.

It was a truly fantastic night – getting to watch some kickass bands, hang out with old friends and make new ones, consume mother’s milk (i.e. tequila with said friends) and of course pay tribute to the metal bands whose music help us get through the days, weeks and months – you guys truly rock!  \m/



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