The Cure Rock on the Lawns of Joburg

The 16th of March. A day so many of us had been waiting for since we first heard The Cure were coming to South AFrica! I cannot tell you when, or where I was when I first heard them…it probably was in their heydays in the 80s, when my step-sister was going through her emo phase.

But one thing is for sure, The Cure has just always been there. Happy, sad, mad… There’s a track for every emotion.

And so the day arrived, bespoke T-shirts had been made with our favorite Cure lyrics on and off we set. Ask anyone who was there, and the first thing they will tell you is it was deathly hot. This is a fact. But for one of the best alternative bands of the 80s and 90s, one suffers through the heat!!

The golden circle was well laid out and perhaps it was the nostalgia of the 80s, but it totally gave me the feels of being at a drive-in. The sun going down, the big speakers on either side of the stage, all the people sitting on blankets waiting for The Cure to start.

The crowd was amazing too. It was like we had taken a trip back in time. I’m sure many teens were dropped off at babysitters and many mesh tops and leather pants were pulled from the back of closets. Hands down, if this is was your idea of a date night, you just scored 100 points.

It was also so fantastic to see various band t-shirts of old being worn (for the right reason), by people who know and listen to the music of the band, not just because it’s in fashion and being sold in the mall. Great to see the amount of men who proudly wore guyliner and smudged lipstick!

The air was electric as The Cure made their way onto the stage at 8.30. It’s that point where you don’t know what to expect, because you know Robert Smith is now 60, but yet you are so excited, you cannot wait to hear them start. And when the man opened his mouth, it sounded as if he is still 24 and playing on VH1. Nothing has changed. Sure he might look like a chubby version of Edward Scissorhands, but none of that matters when he sings.

I was a bit disappointed that he didn’t really speak to the crowd, mainly because I wanted to hear his lovely accent, but then again, he never did like interviews. He also did walk onto stage for the encore (of EIGHTEEN songs) and say “Ok, now I’ve warmed up, perhaps I will speak some. Haha” – he didn’t, but really how could one complain.:)

So beautiful all the long musical intros to their songs. Longer intros. I also truly loved the amount of bromances I saw in the crowd, making me realise that The Cure has played a major role in many an angst ridden teenage boy’s life.

All in all it was just too good to be true. The first set of their show mainly consisted of the less commercial songs and many people left. That’s sad. But it is also their loss. Because when they came back for the longest encore ever it was a massive dance party, even Robert Smith did a little jiggy jig now and then. People were dancing and singing out loud (some even working up quite a sweat in the process…a real workout this).

We left a little giddier than we came, and a little sad (surprised that they didn’t play Love Cats). But the entire three hours was magical. Made even more magical by the fact that the people there came to listen and sing and dance and appreciate the music, there were hardly any phones in the air recording videos – exactly how it should be at a live event.

Thank you AMP Events for brining us the magic!

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Review by Janis-J