The Green Live held their Second Annual Craft Beer Festival at Benoni Northerns this past Saturday. We prepared our passports and embarked on the long drive to the Oos Rand, and boy was it worth it!

The live entertainment

Arriving as Naming James was setting himself up on stage, giving us just enough time to greet some friends before settling in for the entertainment of the day. Having been a bit ill the previous week, Naming James wasn’t up standing, foot tapping as usual but settled quietly on a stool. It was actually quite a novel change to his set, that gave it a totally different feel, that we really loved. And you could visibly witness the healing power of music as he seemed to perk up and look healthier with each song he played. We are so glad he made it out on the day to play for us! Thank you Jamie.

Next up – Bad Peter. That delightful sound of the duo acoustic guitars drifting out into the afternoon was perfectly timed for this spot in the day. As patrons arrived and got themselves comfortable on chairs and beanbags while sipping on delicious Craft Beer, they smiled as they heard the band, and we spotted more than one person asking ‘Who is this?’ with a smile on their face.

There was a little girl (probably 4-5 years old) who had arrived at the stage and was clearly charmed by both Naming James and Bad Peter. She could not get close enough, and stuck her face through the white picket fence surrounding the stage. Big local music fan this girl!


We had a chance to sample some of the awesome craft beers on the day – but really a day is not enough to have gotten through this fantastic selection – maybe four days would have been better-suited for this endevour 😉

Delicious craft beer

The options were a variety of blends from each of the following brewers: Aces, Mad Giant, Growler, Smack, Stimela, Darling, Poison City, Drifter, Devils Peak, Alpha, Two Okes, Rekorderlig and Diageo.

The fantastic food on offer

The food on offer was spectacular and such a varied choice – not fast food, but delicious quality and healthy dishes, and even alcohol imbued ice-cream too…hello!


Through all these festivities a Beer Pong challenge was also underway the whole day. And we heard that our good friend BraaiBoy actually won a few rounds of that too. Not only handy with a pair of tongs then. 😉

Tidal Waves always create such a positive and merry vibe when they perform. It was no different here in Benoni. We are sure they garnered a few new fans from the East Rand.

Rubber Duc were clearly a crowd favourite, with fans moving to the stage as their set started – and singing along to a lot of the songs. Always fun to see these guys live – as they mix up their own original songs with some good old
booty-shaking classics. Feet is currently my favourite track of theirs – and it was great to go up to the stage and sing along with it live.
Last on was a Random Citizen – DJ’ing a last few tunes as the merry festival goers finished off their last drinks and headed on home.

All in all, a fantastic day at the Green Craft Beer Festival! A well organised fun day for all ages.

Great job guys…cannot wait for the next one!


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Review by The Original CC