Hear Yee! Recording Studios’ 7th Birthday

Recording Studios’ 5th Birthday Charity Event in 2016 was a massive success! We raised over R30 000 and were able to share the magic of music by giving the gift of hearing!

On account of the great success of that event we have decided to do it all again this year!

On YOUTH DAY – 16 June 2018 we will be hosting another fantastic celebration to mark our SEVENTH Birthday!  The Good Luck Bar will once again be our partner in hosting to this event.

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We have secured another perfect gathering of great bands, as well as top DJs, as well as amazing partners and sponsors to help us celebrate this milestone.

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Band Lineup

•   WONDERboom
•   Hellcats
•   Savage Lucy
•   The Barbosa Experience
•   Bad Peter
•   Peter Toussaint

DJ Lineup

• Kerry-anne Allerston (MixFM)
• Martin Thomas


• Choice Castings
• The Black Lodge
• David Frankel
• Happy Me

Checkout the snippets of the 2016 event


This is a life-changing opportunity and we want you to be a part of it…

You love music and we love music – that’s why we are teaming up with you and hosting a gig with a difference. We’re once again going to use our birthday event to raise money for deaf children who have never experienced the magic of music.

Money raised will be used to fund cochlear implants and to buy hearing aids, giving children the gift of hearing. We’re supporting a great charity called HI HOPES. It’s a programme based at Wits University dedicated to helping deaf and hard-of-hearing children grow and learn in a world where they cannot hear. More specifically, we want to kick off by raising money for a cochlear implant, which costs R320 000.

ALL money raised goes to the charity


Let’s make a real difference in June 2018 and share the magic of music

1. Did you know that when you listen to music, your body releases dopamine, a pleasure chemical?

2. Did you know that music’s power is deeply rooted in our brains, developed from a need to create harmony, empathy and to survive life?

3. You do know that music expresses emotions, influencing moods and evoking pleasure

4. Imagine giving a child the gift of hearing and seeing their response when they hear music for the first time!

To find out more about HI HOPES, visit their website at www.hihopes.co.za


How you can you get involved

Imagine giving a child the gift of hearing and seeing their response when they hear music for the first time!

This is your chance to Give Back and be a part of Recording Studios’ charity initiative to help deaf children discover the magical power of music!

A cochlear implant for one ear costs over R140 000 – you can help to give a deaf child the gift of hearing.


We challenge you to become involved in this venture…..

In a world that at the moment is so hardened, selfish and filled with greed – to give something back simply because you care, and it’s a great thing to do…

To help those less fortunate, underprivileged children have a shot at a better life.

Look into your heart……and be the change you would like to see in the world.

Checkout more footage from last year’s event


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