Bittereinder all set to scare us on Halloween

The annual Fright-Night is back on Friday the 26th of October! Bittereinder will be performing on the Zombie Safari Stage. We caught up with Jaco for a quick chat re the event and other things scary.

You have played so many shows and always exude so much explosive energy. What has been your favourite one to date?

A couple of shows stand out from the last decade, but two of the best will always be the Hotbox album launch in 2011 and the 2013 Oppikoppi show.

We see there is a new baby in the household, this is a big life changer in all areas. What impact has it had specifically on the band though?

Two of the three Bittereinder boys are dads now. And Peach has a cat, which apparently keeps him quite busy too. It has been a bit of a transitional stage for us as artists, time is becoming quite a precious resource. But we’re always up for the challenge. We WILL complete that fifth album even if it takes another 3 years!

We WILL complete that fifth album even if it takes another 3 years!

Seeing as you’re playing the Halloween show, we thought we’d chat scary movies. In a scary movie which character would each of the Bittereinder guys be:
out of The Villain, The Diehard Survivalist, The Ditzy Blonde, The Jock, The Wise Elder, The Character who dies at the very beginning.

LT would die at the beginning, Jaco is the Wise Elder, Peach is the Ditzy Blonde.

What is your favourite scary movie?

Scary Movie 1.

Michael Myers murdered his sister on Halloween night 1963. Do you have any family members who annoy you enough to ‘Go Michael’ on? 😉

Sjoe. Bit of an intense question, the answer is definitely nope.

Peach’s handwriting is pretty scary too

Scary movies aside…In real life what scares you?

Press interviews. Peach’s handwriting is pretty scary too.

We are heading towards the end of the year. What does Bittereinder have in the pipeline till the end of the year?

We have a few really fun shows coming up all over SA, and we’re consistently chipping away at the new album. The first two singles are starting to sound really good, hopefully there’ll be a new video out before the end of 2018.

Thanks for the chat as always! We’ll see you at the event.

Interview by The Original CC