Southern Wild Rocks on the Lawns

Rock on the Lawns is a one-day celebration of Rock n Roll in all its forms. A beautiful day out on the lawns with an incredible line-up of local and international musicians all sharing one magnificent stage, ending off of course with headliners The CURE. We caught up with Dave from Southern Wild to find out more about their contribution to the day.

You’ve recently been nominated for ‘Best New Cape Town Band’ at the Cape Town Experiences Magazine awards. How did you feel hearing that news?

Yeah, it felt pretty good. Gratification is always nice as a band.

So it’s coming close to two years since the magnificence that is Lead Role in a Classic Horror was released. Any work started yet on a follow up album?

Ah, thanks for the kind words! Yes, we’ve been writing a lot. Not allowed to give too much away, but fans can expect something new soonish.

The album is on Spotify. Have you picked up any interesting fans from around the world from this?

Let me check our Spotify analytics quick! Ok, so we currently have over 100 listeners in Czech Republic and just over 150 in Belgium which is cool. What it means? I have no idea.
We’ve had some peeps message us from Brazil which is amazing, but we have no idea what the scene is like over there! I think we need to go and tour Europe first. Europe or Australia, that’s what we’re aiming for.

however, after opening for Incubus, we now know what it feels like to play to 8000 people. So, less nerves this time around perhaps!

So Rock on the Lawns – a live show to a very big audience this is going to be. When a show isn’t quite working, do you have a fail-safe move / go-to song?

The show always goes where it wants to go. I in particular let the music and energy guide me. The audience, their reaction, this all adds to how we perform on the day, however, after opening for Incubus, we now know what it feels like to play to 8000 people. So, less nerves this time around perhaps!

I think all of us who grew up in a certain generation and listening to their music were influenced by The Cure in some way. Can you tell us your experience?

My mother brought back an album of theirs for me when she visited L.A. I was in matric at the time and had their Greatest Hits album before then and had played it a million times growing up. I asked her to please bring me their latest record which so happened to be 4:13 Dream. Needless to say, that album kind of changed my life.

The song, The Hungry Ghost really inspired me because the lyrics were so honest and spot on with how I was feeling at the time. My wife and I listened to that album A LOT. A masterpiece for sure.

Is there any song of theirs that if they play it at Rock on the Lawns it might make you cry?

There’s a few, but The Hungry Ghost and Just Like Heaven are standouts for me. Always have been. Even Close to Me come to think of it.

4:13 Dream – Needless to say, that album kind of changed my life

What’s the best way you like to hear live music?

With someone who loves the act just as much as I do.

What can fans expect from your set on the day?

Bangers, mate!

Thanks for the chat! We’ll see you at the event.


Rock on the Lawns – MARCH 2019

16 March 2019 – Festival Lawns, Carnival City, Joburg

21 March 2019 – Kenilworth Racecourse, Cape Town (Public Holiday)


Tickets from just R495 available at

Interview by The Original Colette Carr