The Dandies hit Mieliepop

Recording Studios caught up with that fun and talented duo – The Dandies – who will be ripping up the stage at Mieliepop next month. We chatted music, yoga, festival essentials and life out of Potch.

You recently shortened your name from The Jack Rolling Dandy’s – what was the reason for that?

We found that even some of our biggest fans were still getting the name wrong or swopping one or two of the words around and if they weren’t remembering, then casual listeners definitely weren’t going to remember, so we went with the shortened name so that no one would miss out on music that could change their lives just coz they couldn’t remember a name.

What’s the biggest difference to life now as opposed to living in Potch?

It’s a world apart, we live permanently on the road, so every month we in a different province, a different climate, a different culture of people. In Potch all the people from all over come to you, now we go to them.

Just a two piece…yet you exude so much energy it’s like the stage is full!
How do you forge that energy?

Straight from heaven.

In Potch all the people from all over come to you, now we go to them

We’re looking forward to seeing you play at Mieliepop. What would you say are essentials to pack when heading off to a festival such as this?

Every festival-goer’s needs are special, but after going to a couple of fests we’ve figured out some festival essentials of ours are sunscreen (sunstroke is a beast), a hat (something festive), toilet paper (the white gold might just save a life), something for the heat, something for the cold, something for the thirst and something for the tummy.

What can festival-goers expect from your set?

Jumping, dancing, grooving, moving, banging, bouncing, rocking and partying.

Kaihl we love watching your tall, lanky frame whip out those dandy dance moves on stage. Any chance we’ll be getting to witness that body in action doing yoga at Mieleipop?

Guaranteed! We love taking part in fest activities, you really miss out on far too much in life if you don’t go looking for the adventure.

Are you active on social media?

Yep, can catch events of Facebook, pics on Instagram, updates on Twitter, songs on Soundcloud and Bandcamp and vids on YouTube, just search The Dandies and look for the moustache.

you really miss out on far too much in life if you don’t go looking for the adventure

When and where can we find you performing at Mieliepop?

We’ll be Jamming on the second stage at 17:30 on the 20th!

If people want to see what you are up to where can they find out information and also get hold of your music?

You can keep up to date with all our beezy kneez on FB, Twitter and Instagram and you can get our latest album ‘lost children’ on iTunes, Amazon or GooglePlay, or if you want it mailed straight to you just send an email asking for it to and I’ll wetransfer it right to you.

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