The Moths fly into Mieliepop

Recording Studios caught up with The Moths who will be playing at Mieliepop next month. The instrumental three-piece (made up of the three surf enthusiasts) has slowly been carving a name out for themselves with energetic and dynamic performances, employing a lot of their punk, psych, garage and lo-fi backgrounds into the band.

We couldn’t help but notice how obsessed you guys are with surf, it’s all over your bio. 😊
Yet you’re Joburg based, so how often do you get to escape to the seaside to feed this passion?

We’re actually terrible surfers, even though Cale was born to two majestic sperm whales. Whenever we hear the call of Cale’s parents, that’s usually the time to head back to the seaside and play some shows.

There are two Chris’s in your band. Has this caused any mixups / problems?

Our first names get used so rarely that we often forget who we are as people. The only problem we really have is that Cale’s name isn’t Chris.

How do you get around this (nicknames etc)?

We’ve got Cobra on guitar and Corbs on bass. That creates enough confusion because our nicknames have nicknames. Cobes and Corbs. What a fucking mess.

You have played Smoking Dragon festival three years running. What’s the longest time you’ve gone without a bath at a music festival?

Bathing at a music festival? That’s a concept we’re not aware of.

Bathing at a music festival? That’s a concept we’re not aware of

Your bio states your music is “…impossible not to groove to and will make you feel like you are in a Tarantino movie.” Who is your favourite character in a Tarantino movie and why?

We identify closely with the “say ‘I don’t know one more time motherfucker’” guy. He get’s his head blown off later. Champ.

What have you got prepared for us at Mieliepop?

We got some gratutious male nudity last time at Mieliepop, so we’re bringing another dick swinging set that will hopefully encourage that kind of behaviour again.

So most people love butterflies, but a lot of people are then afraid of moths, or think them ugly. Can you tell us some cool fact about moths that could change their minds.

A male moth can smell a female seven miles away. Fact.
Moths don’t give a fuck about you. Fact.

A male moth can smell a female seven miles away. Fact

When and where can we find you performing at Mieliepop?

We’re hitting the main stage on Friday night, opening up for some crazy Aussies that some people may have heard of.

If people want to see what you are up to where can they find out information and also get hold of your music?

Check out our Facebook and Instagram for updates, and all of our music is, and will be, free, on Bandcamp, forever.

Thanks for the interview guys – we look forward to seeing you perform your brand of Psychedelic Surfer Rock n Roll next month!

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Interview by The Original CC
Live photographs by Tilana Piranha