Urban Village plan to elevate us at Mieliepop

Over and above their eclectic, funky African beats, the sheer exuberance these guys exude and joyfully dispense over the crowd always makes it such a treat to see them live. We were lucky enough to catch up for a quick chat with Urban Village ahead of their Mieliepop performance next month.

We’re looking forward to seeing you play at Mieliepop. What would you say are essentials to pack when heading off to a festival such as this?

Tent, sleeping bag, pillows, toiletries, jacket and hats, plates, insect repellent, water, cooler with ice, eating utensils and musical instruments….

A bit of a far drive from Soweto – wo will be driving and what do you do to keep yourselves entertained for the trip?

Lerato will be driving and we have Mojalefa to keep us entertained with lots of loud music and snacks.

What inspires you to do what you do?

Life, nature and daily challenges keep us inspired… Fusion of different cultures.

Your songs are catchy and always get the crowd on their feet. What would you say is the secret of writing a good song?

Something that is relevant to the ears… Relevancy should be either the language or theme or mood.

Mpho we love that instrument you play which we like to call the ‘pipe and mallet combo’. Can you tell us a bit more about it?

It’s a steel wawa bell, I thought it would be a nice instrument to fit in with the Urban Village sound and it also helps with meditation and aligning Chakra.

Thanks for that education! We will be sure to call it that in future.

Mojalefa – watching you play just makes us instantly happy! There is a constant beaming smile on your face during your set from start to finish. Does this joyful demeanor follow you around in everyday life, or only when you are playing?

Smile only comes when I perform cause it comes from the bliss of drums “hhe” !

What can festival-goers expect from your set?

The simmering sound that will tranquilize… Elevation of heights with the elements of surprise and lastly another level of the Urban Village journey with the new edition.

Are you active on social media?

Yes we are! On Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, YouTube and Instagram as “Urban Village Music”.

If people want to see what you are up to where can they find out information and also get hold of your music?

All information can be found on our social media. They can download our songs for free on Soundcloud.
Thanks for that chat. We look forward to catching your Mieliepop set (and seeing the wawa bell in action) next month.

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Interview by The Original CC