Darkstar Productions

Founded and run by Kevin Leicher and based in Newtown JHB, Darkstar has been a stable platform for musicians to capture their creative selves for the past 6 years. Starting with Mxo’s breakthrough album
“Peace of Mind” Darkstar has provided services for all types of artists including:

  • Arno Carstens
  • Chris Chameleon
  • Josie Field
  • Louise Carver
  • Uju
  • Blackjacks
  • Plum
  • Farrel Adams
  • Njapedi
  • Janie Bay
  • N8ive
  • Ziggy Marley and many more

Currently busy at Darkstar is idols contestant Cameron Bruce recording his first single “I didn’t mean to come around”. Coming up soon is Kaolin Thompson Woods previous front lady of Naked, ready to record and release her new material.

On the corporate front Darkstar has produced music and/or done studio recordings for the following companies:

  • Smart Car
  • Liquifruit
  • Revlon
  • Standard Bank
  • Nedbank
  • Telkom
  • Heiti
  • Joy of Jazz amongst others


  • Voice overs
    Darkstar offers professional voice over facilities. A variety of mics available to suite any voice.
    Facilities to do overdubbing to picture, pro lip syncing setup
  • TV – Radio jingles
    • Composing – Darkstar offers compositions in any genre for radio and TV. Live, electronic, orchestrated, whatever it is we can do it
    • Pre production – Darkstar offers reduced rates for pitches and pre production. Basically mock ups to present to clients before the job is signed off
    • Post production – We cover everything from start to finish final mix and mastering
  • AVR’s
    Voice prompt for telephone messaging. Just completed Heita’s complete AVR recordings. AVR’s are those pre-recorded prompts you hear when dialling help lines.
  • Folie & final mix
    Folie is adding sounds such as footsteps, door slams etc to programs which may need them. Usually programs that are getting dubbed into another language. We have a full set of folie “toys” to simulate any needed sound effect. Final mix on TV programs to ensure professional audio on finished product.
  • Artists
    Darkstar offers a perfect environment to help the creative process. Many professional artist have used the space to capture their best work. Bands or solo artists welcome.

    • Album recordings – Darkstar has recorded many professional albums for companies such as Gallo, Sony, BMG as well as private indie releases. Fully equipped with all instruments needed, plus facilities to record any instrument the band may have and want to record.
    • Pre production recordings – affordable  rates for bands to set up and quickly obtain  pre production recordings of their songs to help with the process of choosing songs for the final album. Facilities for bands to play all together and get high quality CD’s of their sessions.
    • Mixing and Remixing – facilities offered to do final mixes from material recorded either at Darkstar or at another studio. Also can give old songs a fresh spin by remixing them completely to create a whole new sound.
    • Mastering – final stage of production is mastering. We offer pro mastering DVD and CD’s
    • Songwriting and production – need help with your music. Darkstar offers assistance with song writing as well as help in producing your music to sound the way you dream it to.