11 days left to make BEAST heard

BEAST is a four-nippled rock and roll aberration, delivered by members of Taxi Violence and Lark.

“BEAST are one of those unapologetically ragged rock ‘n roll bands that vomit out their feelings with such conviction that they make most contemporary South African rock bands sound simply unbelievable. When Beckman, Zietsman (bass), Nel (bass) and Righini (drums) rock, they rock hard, lean, mean and gloriously messy.”  Rolling Stone


BEAST released their debut album, Smoke Swig Swear, as a free download early 2013.
Since its release, they’ve played unforgettable shows all over South Africa and have now written enough material for another album.

The band activated a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and they are calling on the support of their fans to make a sophomore album a reality.

Inge Beckmann, Louis Nel and Rian Zietsman are using Indiegogo to raise $8,000 (approx. R89 438.80) in 60 days and there are only 11 days left to make it happen.

Proper funding will allow them to:

  • Record their album with Brendyn ‘Rusti’ Rossouw at his studio, Heritage Sound during October 2014.
  • Have the album professionally mixed and mastered.
  • Design really cool album artwork.

How can you help?

Simply pre-order your limited edition copy of the new album today. You have a few options to choose from – starting at only $8 (approx. R11.80).

To find out more about the ‘Make BEAST Heard’ campaign, please visit www.indiegogo.com/projects/make-beast-heard.

Get to know BEAST – watch

Smoke Swig Swear music video

Smoke Swig Swear documentary

BEAST Biography

BEAST is a four-nippled rock and roll aberration, delivered by members of Taxi Violence and Lark.

The noise started late 2011 as an experiment, when Louis Nel and Rian Zietsman shared a mutual desire to learn how to play the bass guitar. “What would a band with two basses sound like?” they wondered.

They then approached Sasha Righini (The Plastics) to join them on drums, and he took to the sound immediately. After recording a jam session, the boys were booked for their first show. But they wanted a vocalist. A female vocalist.

Louis and Rian had been talking to Inge Beckmann throughout the experimentation phase, and wanted to invite her when the sound was right. She joined them for their first show and felt an exciting connection with the project. And so BEAST was born.

The band’s ethos is: no boundaries. The music is created organically, and the members allow each other the freedom to improvise. Honest rock and roll played at high volume.