Choice Castings and Mouldings are a choice sponsor for Hear Yee

What does a Ferrous and Non Ferrous Foundry and Polyurethane Moulding company have to do with music you may ask? Well the company owner is a keen follower of live music and supported #RStudiosBday2016 in such a big way!

This year he has done that and gone a step further. Over and above the very generous donation made to the cause, Choice Castings and Mouldings have now also bought six tickets to the event, for us to give out to some lucky competition winners.

Keep an eye on our website, as well as some popular music blogs – who will be running competitions soon – you may be a lucky winner!

The deaf babies are clearly the biggest winners in this scenario though – thank you Choice Castings and Mouldings for passing on the luck of the Irish.  😉

Hear Yee! Recording Studios’ 7th Birthday

Band Lineup

• WONDERboom
• Hellcats
• Savage Lucy
• The Barbosa Experience
• Bad Peter
• Peter Toussaint

DJ Lineup

• Kerry-anne Allerston (MixFM)
• Martin Thomas
• #SOZLOL (Catherine Grenfell and Vicky Jankiewicz)

All the reasons to look in your heart and support the cause


Checkout the snippets of the 2016 event


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This is a life-changing opportunity and we want you to be a part of it…


You love music and we love music – that’s why we are teaming up with you and hosting a gig with a difference. We’re once again going to use our birthday event to raise money for deaf children who have never experienced the magic of music.

Money raised will be used to support deaf children and their families, assist with hearing aids and cochlear implants – giving children the gift of hearing. . We’re supporting a great charity called HI HOPES. It’s a programme based at Wits University dedicated to helping deaf and hard-of-hearing children grow and learn in a world where they cannot hear.

ALL money raised goes to the charity