Deezer has released Time Eraser the third video from Southern Wild’s Deezer Live Sessions.  This will be the last video for this project, which is the first of it’s kind to be recorded in South Africa.

Time Eraser is one of our favourite songs on the album, and we do still wonder if it’s about a Jeep that got lost in the wild.  😉

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This album has captured our hearts and we couldn’t be happier for the band!

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Earlier in 2017, Southern Wild was selected to participate as one of four South African artists in   Deezer Next, a global initiative designed to discover and promote new talent from South Africa and beyond. The band’s debut album “Lead Role in a Classic Horror” was released exclusively on Deezer and, in the short time since release has reached audiences via Deezer in countries such as Germany, Brazil, France and South Africa.

Watch Time Eraser


Producer: Jess Schipper
Director: Rio Allen
Editor and colourist: Carol Groenewald
DOP: Ross Hillier
Camera Operators: George Kirkinis, Nick Burton-Moore, Rory Allen & Keenan Ferguson
Recording engineers: Alec Mackay, Neil Leachman
Mixing and Mastering: Neil Leachman
Production Company: The Video Cartel

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Darkness at My Heels
In A Classic Horror

Stream the EP on Deezer

Stream the EP here from Deezer