Gavin Ferguson releases “Not Right” and it’s so right

“Not Right” flips the script on the topic of infidelity with Gavin Ferguson delving into what it might be like to be the cheater, the person keeping secrets and the one to not hold true to the bounds of an honest and faithful relationship.

About “Not Right” Gavin says “The concept was birthed when I realised that this was not something I could do; I ended up coming clean regarding even the slightest infidelity, merely having been flirtatious with other girls.  I discovered that this kind of honesty and openness in a relationship is a truly liberating experience and was the most free I’ve ever felt.  That’s when I wrote “Not Right” in order to inspire those of us who are not perfect to come clean and be honest, regardless of the consequences.  In reality, no one is perfect in this life but what we can decide to be is honest, open and real in any relationship weather with the love of your life, your business partner or family. It’s not always easy but the truth does really set you free.”

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