Hear Yee! Recording Studios’ 7th Birthday – Interviews and Hellos

Our fantastic Bands and DJs had to learn some sign language to make these fabulous promo videos for the event. What champions!


A fun and insightful chat we had with Cito and Martin from WONDERboom about the influence music has had on their lives, their recent visit to China and their upcoming performance at our event.


Kerry-Anne Allerston

One of our favourite ladies in the whole wide world, who has supported us in so many ways from the start on this project…Kerry-Anne says hi


Peter Toussaint

Checkout the quick chat we had at Royal Elephant Hotel & Conference Centre, Centurion with Peter Toussaint re his performance at our event and the influence music has had on him.


Martin Thomas

One of our fantastic DJs on the night says hello



This kickass duo played at our last event, and we are thrilled to have them on the bill once again. We met up with Warwick Rautenbach and Alessandro Benigno from Hellcats in their band room, to chat about how important music is to their lives, opening for Incubus, fashion and more!


Savage Lucy

Checkout the chat we had with Austen, Clint and Steve from Savage Lucy about the magic of music, working on a new album, and the lyrics in their songs



This fantastic team says hello


The Barbosa Experience

Fronted by the man with the heart of gold – Pedro Barbosa, who popped into our offices to chat about how the crowd’s energy influences the music on the day, why they’re supporting this cause and singing in the shower.


Bad Peter

Checkout the quick chat we had at Randlords (just after their Balcony TV performance), with Bad Peter re staying positive, the influence of music on their lives, their performance at our event and Alywn becoming a mountain biker