Incubus in South Africa in 2018

They’ve been going since 1991, have sold over 23 million albums worldwide with hits  such as Drive, Pardon Me, Wish You Were Here and Are You In, and now much to our delight, rock band Incubus announced yesterday that they will finally be hitting South Africa shores next year. We couldn’t be more excited!

Their second studio album – S.C.I.E.N.C.E. – was released in September 1997, and to celebrate this 20th anniversary the band are embarking on a world tour. We say “Hooorah!” when a band acknowledges that the ‘world’ does include this little country down at the bottom of Africa! 🙂

Incubus in South Africa in 2018

Incubus will be playing two shows. The shows will include support from great local acts. Expect to be taken on a musical journey of their vast career, spanning over twenty years.

Pretoria – 24 February
Voortrekker Monument
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Cape Town – 28 February
Grand Arena, GrandWest
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Tickets on sale now from and range from R395 to R795.

R15 of each ticket sold goes directly to the “Make Yourself Foundation”, a non-profit organisation started in 2003 by the band to support various causes they care about. Since inception, MYF has raised more than $2,000,000 and awarded grant funding to over 60 non-profit organizations.

Watch one of our favorite Incubus tracks


Since their formation in 1991, the band continues to evolve with every album launched, growing their cult following and impressive award collection over the decades. With worldwide album sales exceeding 23 million, numerous #1 hits on the Billboard chart, including “Drive”, “Megalomaniac”, “Anna-Molly”, and “Love Hurts” they have graced the stages of festivals around the globe and toured with the likes of Linkin Park, OutKast, Queens of the Stone Age and many more.

Incubus has never shied away from experimenting with other genres of music, infusing them into their staple rock. “As a band, we’re collectively interested in challenging ourselves and hopefully finding new, innovative ways of writing music,” says lead vocalist Brandon Boyd. “That ethos has kept things interesting for us.”

At the same time, fans can look forward to a sense of nostalgia when listening to select songs from their latest album, as Incubus has returned to their heavier rock roots. Listen out for tunes like “Nimble Bastard”, “No Fun” and “Glitterbomb”.

8 is also a special album for the award-winning band as it was co-produced by close friend and musical genius Sonny John Moore, more commonly known as Skrillex. Lead guitarist Mike Einziger says Skrillex’s contribution to the album was both stellar and natural. “It evolved organically out of my friendship with Skrillex,” says Einziger. “Incubus is all about friendship. We transferred the synergy of working together into what the band was doing. As we put the final touches on everything, Skrillex brought another level to the album.”

“When we finished 8, we were flooded with this wave of gratitude,” Boyd says. “The fact that so many people are willing to come on this weird ride with us is really humbling. We’re filled with this sense of awe around it. We’re very happy to share this record with everyone, and we hope they like it.”