KLA drops an anthem featuring rapper Patty Monroe

Singer KLA, formerly known as “Miss Kay”, features singer and rapper Patty Monroe on her brand new single “Nobody’s Looking”, which is out across all digital platforms today.

Listen to Nobody’s Looking

Listen to “Nobody’s Looking” HERE

KLA and Patty Monroe combine their styles on “Nobody’s Looking” to create a smooth blend between RnB and Trap, a current and global trend in music. They create this seamlessly with sultry, flirty vocals from KLA and an easy, cool flow rap from Patty Monroe, which makes it easy to enjoy in pretty much any setting.

KLA has delivered an incredibly strong single and getting Patty Monroe in to feature, was pure genius. She explains how the song came about and getting Patty Monroe onboard: “My dear friends and amazing producers, Marc and Edgar Maghoma, and I were jamming in studio as we usually do, and after choosing this beat, we conceptualised based on what feeling it gives off and we all agreed that it’s a very chilled, yet confident and sexy vibe and that’s how the concept was born. We all had lyrics to pen down, and also decided that a female rapper would give it that edge it finally needed, and Patty Monroe was top of mind because she naturally brings all those elements to any song, and it turned out perfectly!”

KLA continues, saying “Once the song was conceptualised, I gave Patty a call and gave her a run down on the track and she loved it before she heard it. Once she heard it, magic happened, we got her into studio and ‘Nobody’s Looking’ was born.”

Then song is a power anthem for both these incredibly talented ladies. Patty Monroe took inspiration from her life to add her lyrics to the single, saying “I usually write about what is happening in my life and what I can relate to at that time, and when ‘Nobody’s Looking’ came along, I was actually in a bit of a ‘situationship’ where we just didn’t want anyone in our business and that’s how my lyrics relate to the message. Personally, it was also quite a learning curve.”

KLA celebrates the power of knowing what you want and not letting anyone else’s opinion affect it. “The song is about owning the fact that you’re fearless and unapologetic in expressing your affection and desire for someone, and saying, ‘Nobody’s Looking’ because you basically don’t care what everyone else’s opinion might be.”