LEON JOHN Releases Debut Music Video PRAY FOR YOU

LEON JOHN has released his debut music video for his latest single, the pop power ballad PRAY FOR YOU. PRAY FOR YOU has been charting on radio stations nationwide, including the 5FM Pop Chart. The video features local actress Galaletsang Koffman, who’s work has been recognised on both national and international screens. Galaletsang is currently part of the SAFTA Award winning ensemble of ‘The River’ which walked away with 11 Golden Horns in 2019 and an international Emmy Nomination for Best Soap in 2019.

Written in January 2019 between Johannesburg and New York and released late 2019, PRAY FOR YOU was produced by the hands of star producer Bubele Booi who, fresh off of the success of his work on Beyonce’s ‘The Gift’ album, has produced a string of pop hits for other South African artists including Lady Zamar, Ami Faku and Manu Worldstar.

The video for the single was shot in November 2019 and directed by Brendan Campbell. Conceptualised by LEON JOHN himself, the story of the music video was inspired by the character Ms. Havisham in the Charles Dickens novel ‘Great Expectations’. Having read the book and having watched Helena Bonham Carter’s mesmerising interpretation of the character in the film, he thought the character of Ms. Havisham to be the very embodiment of grief; a woman who never got over her sorrow and replayed the traumas of her life everyday until the day she died. When applied to the message of PRAY FOR YOU, the imagery proves to be even more poignant.

“PRAY FOR YOU was specifically written about a loss that one does not simply get over, but carry with you throughout your life. With that in mind, I would describe the video as watching someone break their own heart over and over again to no end. In essence, a Groundhog Day of someone uncontrollably torturing themselves with their own memories.” says LEON JOHN.

LEON JOHN and Galaletsang Koffman have been inseparable since they first crossed paths at Wits Orientation Week in 2013. “She was the first and arguably only person I could think of and knew that could pull off the emotional brevity required of the character we were creating; the only actress I knew who could carry the emotion of the story all without speaking a single word! Her performance in the video speaks for itself and her professionalism and integrity as an artist stand out to me as the highlight of the whole process of creating the video. I will forever be in her debt for the work that she did and the way she so selflessly shared of herself in telling my story and interpreting my music in such a powerful way.”



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“I’m just really excited for the opportunity to exhibit myself in a different medium. For the opportunity to show and tell stories in a different way to the one that people are used to and to flex a new muscle in my creative body. Filmmaking is a tough art and good filmmaking is almost impossible without millions and millions and arguably, not even then. I’m so proud that we were able to make a good film with such a dedicated team who were so committed, as always, to the story and the craft first above all else.”

LEON JOHN is currently working on brand new material, set for release later in 2020.