Lonehill Estate release new single

Lonehill Estate returns with a brand new single, but like any rich socialite, they never wear the same outfit twice. Every album released has been an evolution from the previous and the new single follows this trend.

“Always Come Together” is the new single from Lonehill Estate and will leave fans thinking “Is there anything this band can’t do?”? Well, they can’t play the harp, but who wants to?

Returning with a funky sexy smooth single, these fabulous four have done a 180° departure from the sound of hits such as “Techno Band“, “Look Good“, “Gangstar” and “Daans!“.

Their response to why:  “Our previous album “Lonehill Estate” was geared for people who crave partying, speed, the luge, WWE and neon coloured socks. We had so much fun with that album and still love performing songs from it. It is an album you can run to and when we started writing again we felt like walking. When we listened to the new material we wanted you to feel like 70s gangsters walking down a street to a phat bass groove in slow motion, we wanted you to feel like if you unbuttoned your shirt to one of these songs that you were the sexiest thing alive.  We wanted to transport our listeners to a pastel-hued island where the angst of the everyday grind is frozen and crushed into a pina colada.” responds, front man Nathan Ro

Recorded at Freq’ncy Music, engineered by Dave Waugh and produced by Lonehill Estate, have a listen to the new Lonehill Estate single “Always Come Together

Lonehill Estate have been a band for almost a decade, with singles charting across major SA radio stations, receiving airplay in the US, Germany and Japan, playing at some of the biggest events in SA and travelling internationally performing at legendary venues such as the Viper Room in LA and great festivals such as the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland. They are without a doubt one of SA’s top live bands and have garnered a vast fanbase wherever they have performed!

So, what’s next for Lonehill Estate?

“Well, we are really hoping that the radio gods will support our latest offerings and that we will not be smited for turning them on. We would like to do more online videos and try get some more of our live shows filmed because that is where the magic happens… Literally, it’s magic! We would also like to let our fans know about some of the causes we care about which occasionally will bleed through into the new songs. There is also talk of starting a battle of the bands where band’s actually fight each other with musical equipment as well as researching a way for humans to be able to double jump.”

The radio gods have spoken as KFM debuted the single last week and playlisting support already coming in from YFM, Highveld, MixFm, MFM and PukFM, with loads more support to follow from Radio Stations nationwide!

Lonehill Estate will embark on a tour soon, so ‘like’ them on Facebook  and follow them on Twitter @lonehillestate to keep up-to-date with all the exciting news to follow!