Louise Carver releases new single ‘This Thing Called Love’

Louise Carver releases ‘This Thing Called Love’ as the third single off her beautifully crafted album ‘Hanging In The Void’. The song also kicks off Woman’s month and in celebration Louise Carver is hosting a special Woman’s Day Concert on the 9th of August at The Courtyard in Parkhurst. Limited Tickets Available.
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‘This Thing Called Love’ captures the magic of when two people start falling in love. Carver sings about the early stages of romance and the excitement of getting to know someone. The production by Mark Beling is sweetly driving, with a wonderful uplifting groove giving the song it’s wonderful uptempo feel.


I wrote this song when I realized I was falling in love again. It caught me by surprise and I just loved all the late night conversations, struggling through the next day, only to do it all again. Discovering someone new, is also discovering something new in yourself and feeling childlike again is one of life’s true pleasures


‘Hanging In the Void’ has also received great praise from the media with Glamour Magazine giving it a 4 Star review, saying “The Local singer-songwriter’s sixth album is her most heartfelt yet. If you’re a fan of her previous albums and her distinctive voice, this album won’t disappoint.”

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‘Hanging In The Void’ is available for digital download and in music stores nationwide. Available online now online

Woman’s Day Concert

Catch Louise Carver live on Woman’s Day, 9 August, at The Courtyard in Parkhurst.
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