Lu-Fuki’s soul-stirring single Love You At Pace

Funk/alternative outfit Lu-Fuki is set to release their soul-stirring lead single “Love You At Pace”
worldwide on all major streaming platforms on 12 October 2018. “Love You At Pace” compacts
an entire emotional epic into one song, drawing you in with clean, coordinated riffs and melody
and then promptly hitting you in the chest when the groove kicks in. This track is a YOLO love
mantra, perfectly blending introspection and action.

“Love You At Pace” is the first song the band wrote together after a four year hiatus and it
embodies the band’s diversity, maturity and musicality. Lu-Fuki’s successful crowdfunding
campaign fully funded the recording and release of “Love You At Pace” and their upcoming
revival EP “Coalesce”, a six track body of work featuring two reworked demos and four brand
new tracks.