My Columbine release first single Vigorish off forthcoming debut album Ritual Violence

Pretoria based heavy metal band, My Columbine are proud to announce the release of Vigorish, the first single off their debut album, Ritual Violence, earmarked for release in March 2018.

These guys have such amazing energy love and we personally are super excited to hear their debut album!

Checkout our (very brief) chat to the band at Krank’d Up this year just before their set

Vigorish is a term meaning an excessive rate of interest on a loan, typically one from an illegal moneylender. The song revolves around the concept of gambling addiction, the debt created by the excesses and finally the moneylender coming to collect. Vigorish is mostly a song about your personal demons catching up with you.

The track was written by My Columbine, with recording and artwork by Sven Borgstrom. Mixing and Mastering was done by stringsmen Sven Borgstrom and Daniel Gerber.

The track is accompanied by a lyric video created by bassist, Sven Borgstrom.

Watch Vigorish


The band have had a great 2017, having qualified for the finals of the Wacken Metal Battle South Africa, and being nominated for the Best Death Metal band of 2016 at this year’s SAMMAs, and are excited to end it off with the release of one of their crowd favourite songs.

My Columbine are

Drikus Behrens (Vocals)
Sven Borgstrom (Bass)
Wimpie Du Toit (Drums)
Daniel Gerber (Lead Guitar)
Gehart Kalmeier (Rhythm Guitar)