New single from Werner Bekker

The new single from Werner Bekker is a beautiful amalgamation of mixed emotions arranged to melodic perfection.

Music speaks a universal language and is a powerful means of communicating specific messages or complex feelings. More than that though, music also often plays a cathartic process in the life of musicians.  For Werner Bekker, ‘Open Spoken’ was this therapy.

The new single from the South African folk singer songwriter, released 1 March 2019, is a beautiful amalgamation of mixed emotions arranged to melodic perfection.  Following the successful release of previous singles ‘Alive Again’ and ‘I’m With You’, the latest offering from the artist is a little more upbeat and commercial but, still true Werner Bekker style.

Open Spoken was a bit of a tough cookie to crack

“We had a basic song to play with but very little idea of what we wanted for the song. We made three or four versions but felt the less pop orientated version suited the emotion and timbre of the song best. The song itself comes from a dark place in my history where I didn’t know what I wanted from myself or the ones I loved. I was living alone in a flat and felt completely isolated from the world. One day my sister and her boyfriend came over to visit and she had a slip of the tongue, saying ‘spoken open’ instead of ‘open spoken’. And the basic idea of the song was sparked within seconds. It really is incredible how songs often just come to you without any effort, almost as though they don’t come from inside you but rather some kind of far off realm somewhere in the great unknown.”


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Open Spoken’ heralds the release of Werner’s new EP ‘Parts of a Broken Man’, set for release 22 March 2019.

Don’t forget to get your tickets to the exclusive launch of Werner Bekker’s EP on 29 March at Rumours Lounge.

Werner Bekker ‘Parts of a Broken Man’ EP Launch

Date: 29 March 2019
Time: 19:00
Venue: Rumours Lounge
Address: Corner Swart and Tungsten Road, Randburg
Ticket price: R50 at the door
Guest artists: The Great Yawn, Stones and Gold