SA Teen Desmond John Goes Global with You Don’t Have To Worry

Talented musician, singer, song-writer and rapper, Desmond John first made a name for himself in late 2015, when he released his debut and self-penned single – “All For Us”. His first international track – “Untradable” – hit the airwaves at the end of 2016, and garnered the teenager a loyal fan following.

Several covers followed, including an, a Capella version of Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” that left fans (close on 48 000 on Instagram alone), waiting in high anticipation for his next offering.

Just in time for the Festive Season, he has dropped his brand-new melody “You Don’t Have To Worry” (YDHTW) which, is a Desmond John original from beginning to end.  The easy listening gently upbeat song, speaks to that special lady, telling her she doesn’t have to worry, even when they are apart, as he is true to her, no matter where he is or who he is with.  Something that young lovers the world over will relate to over the holidays that might separate them.

Watch You Don’t Have To Worry


Pop with R&B overtones, the song is perfect for summer love in South Africa but has also made a solid impression on Spotify as well as other digital platforms since its release mid-November with top territories that include US, Australia, UK, Canada, Philippines, Germany, Brazil, Spain, Netherlands and Italy.

You Don’t Have To Worry” also showcases Desmond John’s maturing song writing and musical talent, with the score and the lyrics penned by the gifted teenager.  The video, which will be released later in December, will be shot in Cape Town, by Origin Recordz, under the watchful eye of Meredith Shearer-Aylward, who has produced and directed many of Desmond John’s recent musical video offerings.

Desmond John was born in Germany to a South African mother and British father. He spent his formative years in Frankfurt and Johannesburg, has spent time in the UK and Atlanta, USA, but now calls Cape Town his home. An avid footballer, as a young boy Desmond dreamed of achieving fame on the field, however, from the age of thirteen he began expressing himself through music.

While experimenting with a friend at a Johannesburg sound studio he was ‘discovered’ by a visiting US entertainer.  The upshot of which, was a whirlwind trip to the Atlanta, Georgia where he was subsequently introduced to numerous Grammy Award-winning producers, musicians, and industry leaders such as Kuk Harrell, Kendrick Dean, DJ Toomp, Li’l Ronnie and more.

Drawing his inspiration from legends such as Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, Babyface, Justin Timberlake and Drake among others, Desmond John has developed his own compelling sound – part pop, part R&B, with richly layered vocals.