Savage Lucy Livestream Concert – 28 May

Join Savage Lucy Live in Concert tonight at 8pm.

The Johannesburg based instrumental trio will be streaming live – and how great, you can just jump on and join is, no need to learn any lyrics to sing along with. 😉

The band will be playing their new track Vagabond for the first time. Buy your ticket and get online to be one of the first to hear it live. We have been loving this track, rocking out to it in lockdown – and can only imagine how great it is going to sound live.

Support these dazzlingly talented and authentic guys that are Savage Lucy during lockdown by purchasing a ticket for this event for only R85.

Buy your virtual tickets here

About Vagabond – the new track

Savage Lucy hadn’t released a track since 2015 (wanting to follow Tool’s footsteps?) ;). But it finally happened this month. Mongrel Records put together Fangs ‘a compilation of some of the finest heavy music from the emerging African underground, focusing predominantly on the fiery South African scene’.

Vagabond is also the first track bassist Clint Falconer has recorded with the band since joining.

Since I was recently on the road, living out of a backpack for 8 months – in my head this song is for sure dedicated to me and my vagabond lifestyle. Thanks guys! 😉

Mongrel Records has this to say

Savage Lucy’s forthcoming track “Vagabond” is an expansive modern instrumental prog rock showpiece with a riffing backbone, soaring leads, and otherworldly delights. With talent like this Savage Lucy can undoubtedly claim the SA progressive music throne!

Listen to Vagabond