Friday, 16 November sees the release of a brand new EP by indie-pop band, SUTHERLAND. The EP, entitled RAINMAKER, comes after the release of the title track from the EP as single in October, and their previous single ‘Love Like That’ earlier this year. ‘Love Like That’ has spent a total of 11 weeks at the #1 spot on the 5FM Indie Top 10 @ 10 Chart. The title track is currently also #1 on the 5FM Indie Top 10 @ 10 Chart.

Recorded at High Sea Studios in September 2018 and produced by SUTHERLAND and Jacques Du Plessis, their new offering represents the clearest expression of their sound to date; a reflection of the start of something new, mature and inspiring for the band.

“This change is like the flourishing of Spring after the first rain comes. We thought this was best expressed through an ancient tradition: Calling in a rainmaker to summon rains for new growth. The ritual is to perform a rain dance. Perhaps we tried to write music to accompany that dance without being conscious about it.”

Constantly honing their craft, SUTHERLAND comes up with new ideas and writes songs all the time. Some of them come to life and get released very quickly and others don’t. This EP is a mixture of the two. Some of the tracks were written specifically for this release and others were demos the band has been sitting on for years, all of them finding a home on the RAINMAKER EP.

Aiming to write a natural, free and eclectic EP that feels like a journey, they were inspired by certain images and past experiences, translated into the music fans can hear on the EP. Featuring SUTHERLAND’s signature rhythmical drum lines and synth combined with emotive and thought-provoking lyrics, the band allowed the songs to work themselves out this time around, being conscious only of what they’ve already done, versus what they wanted to hear.

“Fans can expect a little bit of everything, ranging from happy upbeat songs to intense feeling songs. It’s a major progression for us as a band but at the same time there are themes and elements that will take long time fans back to our routes as a band.”

RAINMAKER Track Listing

1. You Do You
2. Rainmaker
3. Moon
4. So It Goes
5. Fight

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