Watch The Music Video For WONDERboom’s Latest Single ‘In Place Of Something’

WONDERboom unveil the visually striking music video for their latest single ‘In Place Of Something’ taken from their current studio album, ‘Rising Sun’.

Cito had a blast on the set of the music video. “The making of this video was so much fun. It’s great putting so much effort into such an alternative and edgy song. Production-wise, it was run pretty slick and pro. It helps having the crew and talent that we had on and off set – from the film and post crew, make-up and catering, right through to the technical crew onsite at AV Unlimited. They all gave the love and passion the video needed, and it shows. Brad’s vision was so clear that the shoot went by quickly. All the shots were beautifully planned and executed. LOVE the final product. The spirit of the song was captured and that’s important with a song like this.”

‘In Place Of Something’ carries a strong theme with it, one that Cito is very passionate about. He explains, saying “The song is about the frustration of living a world where you’re just a misfit. The disappointment of conforming, of compromising who you are as an individual, just to be left alone. When nothing or no one out there represents who you are – not the government, not society, religion or media.”

Watch In Place Of Something


WONDERboom enlisted director Brad Devine for the video shoot and collaborating with a stellar crew, has created a video that embodies the energy and captivating live performance of the band perfectly. Devine explains how everything came together, saying “We wanted to capture the essence of the band as a performance icon. The energy and commitment to every live show, for me, is what defines WONDERboom. It was important to translate this onto the screen. From the beginning, we knew that we wanted to create a lighting environment that complimented their unique sound and electric performance. We were fortunate to have incredible technical support for this video. The crew at AV Unlimited worked tirelessly and the access to all their gear and studio space allowed us to create with ease. The slick and futuristic look of the LXFX Sceptron light bars were the perfect tools to create a video that feels current and fresh, which is a great combination considering this band is only getting better.”

Gavin Pincus, Director of Photography, adds to the making of the video explaining how the energy was captured saying “From a camera and lighting point of view, we wanted to match the energy of the song by way of moving the camera fast and handheld, while maintaining slickness through haze and the use of sceptron tube lights. Another decision made early on was to not overshoot. Brad and I made a concerted effort to assign certain parts of the song to specific lighting and staging setups so as to not overwork the band, and to keep the development of the video tight. The camera package of choice was a Sony fs7 and Zeiss cp2 lenses, chosen for their clinical look and sharpness. The use of an account easy rig and a skateboard helped with some tracking shots but helped keep a handheld and wild feel.”

The crew involved with the making of the ‘In Place Of Something’ music video, are

Director – Brad Devine
Director of Photography – Gavin Pincus
Producer – Jarred Beaton
Editor – Eric Galanopoulos
Colourist – Rowan Cloete
1st Assistant Camera – Malcolm Cross
Technical Manager – Stephanus Oelofse
Video Tech – Christopher Mashile
Lighting Tech – Langeni Mhlongo
Grip – Ridaa Padayache
Makeup – Donique Leonard
Location – AV Unlimited
Technical and lighting – AV Unlimited and LXFX

‘In Place Of Something’ is an anthem for the misfits, giving voice to the dreamers and the lost.

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