WHAM BAM! share video for new single Fool’s Gold

South Africans WHAM BAM! are a unique collaboration, creating unfiltered rock and groove with catchy dual vocal harmonies. Their music lives up to their name – focusing on keeping it simple, punchy, and catchy. Consisting of multi-instrumentalist, producer and vocalist Gideon Kretschmer, now based in Germany and vocalist Nico Tourelle who lives on a farm in the Karoo in South Africa. The band have just released a futurist video for their new single Fool’s Gold.

Says Nico about the track, “Fool’s Gold is a direct reference to addiction, but also a reference to giving someone addicted to whatever a second chance, i.e. a fool IS gold. Because we all are addicted to something – it is human nature. The song itself is a catchy upbeat pop/rock anthem that you just can’t help but sing along to – this is a perfect example of the Wham Bam! style – accessible catchy tunes with deeper meaning hidden in the

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The duo has been making music together since 1996, when they started their first band SUNFISH, back in the hey-days of the South African rock music scene. Nico moved to Taiwan where he spent a few years performing and touring Asia as vocalist for a popular local pop/rock group. Gideon continued his music career in South Africa as a songwriter and producer for several bands, culminating in a move to his new base in Germany in 2018.


Fool’s Gold on digital platforms

Over the years they’ve continued their creative connection – sharing ideas, writing and performing together, Wham Bam! formed in 2019 when Nico shared a song idea via WhatsApp. Gideon loved the hook and quickly recorded a demo idea – a couple of rounds of remote collaboration later and their debut
single “On Your Own” was born. This made them realize that they still have some unique creative vibes between them that needs to be explored further. Wham Bam! was created as their new musical spaceship ready to take them on an epic journey of galaxy – conquering sonic exploration. Lyricist and author Ramon Rabie (based in Thailand) also joins the trip from time to time to contribute some words and storylines.

The fun lyric video for Fool’s Gold picks up nicely where 1st single “On Your Own”s video ended – the retro journey continues, only this time in space, conquering galaxies with their infectious grooves while searching for Fool’s Gold. The video has a bit of a “Back to the Future” vibe, which is a perfect analogy because Wham Bam!’s journey has also been a bit of a time -travelling creative surprise , starting back in the 90’s, re-igniting 24 years later and now getting ready to change the future.

“Even though we’ve grown older, we’re still the same young rockers at heart – so it’s almost as if time hasn’t moved on, we’ve just jumped through space to be here now, ready to continue our epic rock & roll journey.” comments the band.